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Support Light to the Nations 

Light to the Nations, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Ohio as a non-profit organization and recognized by The IRS afforded by the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)3.  Your financial support is tax-exempt (see exemption rules here).  Light to the Nations complies with these rules and maintains its own Employer Tax ID number with the IRS.  Additionally, as pursuant to IRS rules, Light to the Nations Inc. sends out receipts for all donations above $250 annually.  Receipts for less than $250 will be issued by donor request.  All requests may be made by our contact information below.  
Light to the Nations maintains its financial accountability through it's Certified Public Accounting firm: Clifford & Associates, LLC
Light to the Nations Inc. and its Board of Directors reserves the right to designate funds for special ministry purposes. Additionally, the Board of Directors reserves the right to remove any restrictions on gifts when it is in the best interest of Light to the Nations, Inc., to do so.
A designated gift may NOT be:
1. Funneled through for any third-party organization or mission that either does or does not maintain their own State or Federal tax exemption number or status.
2. Funneled through to benefit any individual member or non-member of Light to the Nations, Inc.
Any designated gift that does not appear to meet this stated policy shall be reported to the Board of Directors for their determination. If the Board determines that the gift does not comply with our policy, the gift shall be returned to the donor and no tax deduction will be issued.
  Light to the Nations, Inc., as a teaching ministry has various costs for simply doing ministry. Here is a list of some of these costs:
1. This very website has monthly costs to get the word out and increase awareness and opportunities for ministry.
2. Publishing costs. Light to the Nations Inc., publishes books and other materials and these must be purchased first from the printers before they can be distributed on global platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.
3. Social media outreach costs are incurred in attempts to advertise on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
4. LIVESTREAMING costs for subscriptions to platforms that multi-stream our events such as Youtube and others all at the same time.
5. Bulk email costs.
6. Mail processing, PO Box, and USPS costs for advertising, outreach, and processing incoming mail. 
7. Travel costs, as Rabbi Eric does ask hosts to help cover some of these costs; sometimes they are unable to do so. 
8. Administrative costs and office supplies and equipment, phone, and some utilities. 
9. Vendor services as needed, (professional printers, technical support), and any others that may arise etc.
10. Organizational Memberships to stay accountable and in good standing with our member organizations to build credibility.
11. Costs by our Certified Public Accounts and other accounting costs for filing with IRS as required of 501(c)3 organizations.
12. Fees associated with Banking and other transactional fees such as Paypal etc.
13. Staff expenses and reimbursements of various incidental purchases needed to perform the ministry by our Board of Directors or Rabbi Eric.
14. Zoom webinar costs.
As we grow and expand, more financial needs will arise. Please consider Light to the Nations, Inc. in your monthly mission support!  Again, thank you very much for your support, any size donation makes a difference to change lives with the Good News of Yeshua and helping believers connect and understand Israel, the Jewish people, and the Jewishness of the Christian Faith. We are grateful.
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